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Related article: Ions, a clear meaning that may never be found. " Robert Anderson " I Never Sang For My Father " Intellectual Property 1968 by the author. O Ben had no family, he said, or refuse to him, because there were no relatives can be achieved. Cliff and Jeremy willing to simple grave service for him after Roger and Walter finagle a legal commitment with the coroner that the body releases for burial. Troy, Jay, Ryan, Kyle, Jeff, and Jeremy acted as pallbearers. Ben never knew n the boys family for him would be after his death. Jeremy ot meet the other five a day of funerals and the " Briarwood n the boys adopted when he was one of them. The following Sunday, those who had visited the coffin of Ben, Jeremy invited to sit with them, except for Jeff, who helped serve, bulk. Cliff saw him from the pulpit in the pew of Adonis - as and the masculinity he saw the five of them from January to May, in a Playgirl calendar. Cliff thought it would be a shame not to them was Rob n Timmy and his musical talent, because if he had, would have built in skinny jeans, hired a choreographer, and in view of the N'Sync and Backstreet n the children to run for their money. Jeremy did not seem uncomfortable with the first part of the mass. Cliff wanted him to feel comfortable with his sermon, as well. In other words, Cliff wanted to welcome Jeremy into the fold, if s was ready. With so many young people attended San Ginés, Cliff now is to select the topics they could relate. After that it became the victim take his usual position on the podium and saw Roger for the support Cliff gave his eye contact. Cliff smiled and began his lesson. " On this day, sometimes identified with the life of the principles of the in pop culture that we in the Scriptures. Therefore, my text not today isfrom the Bible, but I use the extensions of several well-known films to show what I mean. In the real world is not the celluloid one, everything ends in death of the victims, but Survivors often to see the next day. Most Hollywood plots are n to a provisional conclusion. The film ends, but before the lights to the theater, let us know that life goes on. " For my first example, we have the film " The Happy Ending, "a place to begin our journey. Michel Legrand and Bergman introduced his best compositions for background music," what by the rest of your life? "In the film, Jean Simmons goes through many trials and tribulations during unstable marriage John Forsythe. If the divorce almost complete, make two main characters, the time spent n , and the man asks his wife " know What to do if we had Lolita Mpegs to do all over, I had to get married yet?. " She looks at him, smiles a smile, turns and leaves... leaves and leaves the question no answer. It is for him and the audience to decide what shows smile... it was " The Happy Ending "... Or was it ? a happy ending to the masses usually the girl child at the end of the image. Of course, since the advent of the sexual revolution, now we even have a cheer when the child receives the boy or girl gets the girl. Who would have thought ? "end can also educate unorthodox. How many of us learned as children s, death ruled as good as Walt Disney, it was accepted the law as ' faithful friend', to die some children ? Of course, death dog turned against the producers of "Turner and Hooch " I have read somewhere in the study lost millions of dollars at the box office by kill, n is the lovable character.. "the end can sometimes ourselves with the thought:" I wonder what had happened if.... " Deborah Kerr Suppose no beaten with the car beforeEmpire State Building to meet Cary Grant "An Affair to Remember" ? The photo would have ended a good half hour before. Suppose, Shelley Winters is not in ' A Place in the Sun " was drowned ? Montgomery Clift who have remained with her baby, or have to escape with Elizabeth Taylor, instead of dying, the electric chair? " end of movies help us deal with things like death. Jean Simmons, , and again tried to teach his son how to play in the car with fatal courage accident, which took over from his father, Robert Preston, James Agee, " A Death in the Family ". One of the most beautiful love stories of recent years n , Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger in "Shadowlands " submitted when two strangers meet and marry Platonic to see through them disease n incurable and a loving home for her orphans can young son - in brief. In addition, Anthony Hopkins, but this time with Anne Bancroft live on the 84 Charing Cross Road ", in which two strangers on opposite sides of the the AtlaNICT Ocean fall madly, deeply in love and never in the game Films. " Probably, in my opinion, the more realistic end a romantic movie in the twentieth century was written by Arthur Laurents Barbra Streisand Robert Redford in" The Way We Were. "This is the story of two people, n the other more than life itself, although she loved knew that completely wrong for others. Old Henry VIII loved 've selected these, because the movie we has shown that they're OK divorce... the divorce is sometimes necessary to make things better. Hubbell and Katie remained friends and their love for each other is constant, even after the broke and married other wives. the way it is Mr. Laurents, who taught us the true meaning of friendship when he wrote : " the Turning Point " by Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft.. "Yes, the movies teach us in situations that we know and others that we read about. They teach us about life, love, jealousy, hatred, heartbrEAK and death. We cried, we laughed, we applauded, we deal with... we open our Bible and find the same kind of characters. We get the church and meet our community members and find the same n or feelings are the same conflicts that go on the images the screen, but these are real people in real life... and observed, or we involved. Sometimes we think we've all seen... a else... in similar circumstances or otherwise, and may choose to ignore what we see, or we can offer a helping hand, because in spite of death prefers someone of us... the rest of us should remain Lolita Mpegs continue. Some of us will see tomorrow... and even the day after... " If Cliff is 7 minutes. It was time to end Mass and give the blessing. He looked at Roger, if Cliff had ended of his journey through La La Land, and gave a silent applause cliff. cliff politely ignored him when he wanted to get a reading of Jeremy expression. The child wasCliff smiles happy and hoped that he succeeded , to welcome him. Roger hired a temporary installation for the " boys " to start line with the crisis. Ma Bell fifty lines installed to begin with, and Troy, Jay, yan, Kyle and Alex agreed to switch the occupation of the mobile phone the castle. Ted tells Alex that would help whenever he could, but somehow felt inadequate young people listen to problems. Alex is to convince Ted that he could do what a professional is not shrinking, just sit Lolita Mpegs there and hear there and offers no guidance. Alex used to think that if You could dream of a fancy name of " listeners" or maybe " ENT " or so similar, could make a fortune. He was not going to school, or to some extent. I could not prescribe or tell people to pychotropes what to do or what I would do if I were in your shoes... listen only to , and let things speak, until they reached their own greater or lesser extent remedied. THen Alex said: " Time's up ! This is 100-100 dollars, please! '. Ales knew it sounded too easy, but hell, n , which is all that doctors have had to. was a house rule to center... "does not offer advice," and hung a sign on each phone. n This idea Jeff, the center of " Shelter Helper " was called. in Alex 'n mind, I was sure that Jeff was a namesake of the Beatles song found with a similar title... and although it was not his intention, providing physical protection potential callers would be more like a emotional refuge for those seeking help. the second week was Alex 's turn to take the cemetery change... 23 00 00-07 hours. from the " boys" do not expect many calls after midnight, it was decided that those who work these hours for the work would be n itself. like all other crisis centers in the country , which is used pseudonyms , so do not know the caller, who spoke and also helped with customers in person before. toex chose the name " Gene" s, even though no one knew the reason was... ' Gene', short for " Gines ". The center Lolita Mpegs was n average of 10 to 15 calls per shift, usually boys or girls who had a fight and broke his maiden with o boyfriends. The majority of calls came in the morning the school children that home sick or miss school and wanted someone to talk to. from time to time at least eight or nine o'clock at night, which some call boy who had a fight with his mother or his father and went ashore and was told that he or she s o could see "that" child more. Then slowly, the center began to the type of serious problems like teenage pregnancy or some kind of eruption on the genitals or questions about symptoms of HIV or other diseases, n and Conditions. "boys" got lucky. Almost 14 days after the opening, not one of them had to deal with a threat of suicide. Leave to win Alex The price of... alone in the night shift. (ring ) " Good morning... Housing Assistant," Alexbe answered. No one said anything. " This is the helper of Housing. You want to talk ? " But the answer is no. " Problems? " Alex asked, "... I... I can talk ?" You hurt and can not speak, " ", said the voice of the young. " Well... okay.. n Do you want to call an ambulance or something like ?... What I mean is... " You need medical care? " " No. " " This is good. Well, what I do for you, relax, s the time, and if you think you're ready... Tell me why, and he called see what I can do to help... Do you agree ? " "... O.. K.. " Alex did not hurry or rush the caller. Alex wanted to take but what he needed Alex wanted to know why he had called. A fraction of a second of panic Alex, not knowing what to do, when suddenly a call n to one of the other strains. he had no experience and did not want is a misstep. Fortunately, Roger had a direct on- line installed No communication between the center and the police or ambulance service, if theythey needed. Alex pressed the green button, and always be alert needs the support he and quietly to sort the problem to them. The Center for for all potential suicides as "Jumper", although it is a firearm, knife or pills in hand... not really ready to jump of a building... 'Jumper ' meant the risk of suicide potential. "What is your name?" Asked the voice. "Gene " Alex said. "I will not ask your name unless you want to tell me. " " Thank you... Are you recording this call? " 'I asked. " I can not. It is against the law if I tell you, first. " " Well... Does anyone hear us ? " "No.... just you and me. " " promise? " " I promise... I want to say something before you say something, another thing for me. "Alex he said. "I swear that I will not lie... right? " N "This is good... I can ask how old are you, Gene? " " About your age, I guess. " " Oh yeah?... how old do you take me? you do not have a kind of camera, so you see me, andou ? " " No... Let me ask you a favor. If you do not want to tell my roots name, which is one up, so I can call you to say something? " " Oh... OK... This is... Joe... Joe is my name. " " Thank you, nice to meet you, Joe. I'm glad you called. For " n " Why ? "He asked suspiciously. " I was sitting here at my desk I had someone to conversation with. " " Oh, Gene you lonely? "He said. " We just sometimes, Joe. No? " " Yes " " Are you alone now, Joe? " " Kinda. " " Well, since both have someone to talk to, we have only... most of us... or if you want... we can talk... and are lonely together. " " You are sneaky. " " No, not really. I was just trying to see if he had anything to shared "Alex said. ", I doubt it. " " Well, we're both alone. We have something in common to begin with. " " Yes, but that's all. " " How do you know? "Alex asked. " Have you ever sucked a cock ? "Asked bluntly. Alex went back and had not taken"Ready for this problem out of the blue - T. He breathed deeply and tried to keep the conversation at a level of the light. " Oh, now you are trying to meddle in my personal life, Joe. Has want to know if I'm gay. Are you wondering what... Do you have anything anti-gay ? " "No! " " I am unable to answer, but if I had said to have sucked a cock, Do you want to put down the phone ? " " No, " he said. " Is that I have. " " What? "Alex asked. " sucked A DICK... Attention! " Blurted out.. " NOW WHAT IS In addition to saying ? " " Joe, I'm not here to condemn or judge what you do. If is what I wanted to tell me that I'm glad. Do you feel better now? " " Some... although I would be more comfortable talking to you if you I said, you've sucked a dick too. " " Is this what you have to say? " " Yes.. " " OK, I sucked a dick... How is that ? " " if... Maybe she said... Oh, I forgot !... You promised not to lie, to me. No? " Alex was trapped ! 'Joe ' hannouncement on the defensive. Maybe I should Alex call themselves in another line and see what Alex was saying to each other what to do or say. " This is what I promised Joe. " " Well, you see, Gene... I have a lot of them sucked... many, many him. I I am a stranger, Gene. the fagot!... a mother fucking bastard... only the mother of my s do not know... or at least not... just last night. " " His mother heard that you were gay? " Alex asked. "In a manner of speaking. I have always said that to keep the demons Outta my ​​room... yesterday went to Lolita Mpegs K- Mart and bought some of these new Martha Stewart sheets advertised on TV... and my mother came into my room and was about new sheets on my bed while I was surprised away... only it was my mother who has a surprise. "\\ \\ n " What happened, says Joe Want ? me that ? " "Sure, I do not care... the cat of the bag,NOW. took my No mattress and found where I keep all my secret things ! " " What has to find them, Joe " " ? Every damnd, you can imagine.. Muscle magazines, men dirty magazines with pictures of men fucking and suckin 'and' doublet. I there all sticky rubber used with dildos old n cum... two... a and black and... a white vibrator and a little machine AccuJac under the bed n ". " My God, what have they done... or rather, what have you done? "Asked Alex " They took all my tools and everything arranged like in the central dining room table. "N " My father did you see? " " Oh, no... he is dead. just my mother and I who live together. I have no brothers and sisters... I am what you call, be " mama's boy ! " Anyway, I came home from the last work of 30. 5 s the night, and when I entered the house and walked through the dining room room... that's when I Lolita Mpegs realized my private world, all arranged on the dining table -n. My mother came in and pretended not to notice anything and said, "Sit down. 're just in time for dinner. I know your favorite dish s". Did not'T sit. Returned to the kitchen and brought me a large white plate. It had cooked, and organized a large Polish sausage and two giant meatballs to look like a man, the penis and balls. that s in a position to represent a portion of sauerkraut, pubic hair. She had a pipe flow of mayonnaise on some of the end of the kielbasa and it appeared that the sperm.... and then she looked at me and said, " What, what is the n o matter, my son, are you hungry, you bastard " closed the glass on the table and began to mourn and ran down the hall into her bedroom and slammed the door. That was the last I saw of her. " " Are you okay ? "Alex asked me asked if it was the mother of Joe , possibly a " bridge "or, if Joe had hurt her to do. ", I guess. Not wanting to leave his room all night, I heard they turn on their TV to watch 00 09th because he misses view, " millionaire. " " What have you done ? "Alex asked. " I cleaned the room and took all my stuff to put the quad backa big pile and started a fire. I burned them all, genes... dirty items had went up in smoke. I called my mother door to tell what he had done and she ignored me. So I wrote a note n and apologized for hurting. I wanted to talk to the rest of my private life, but I knew it would hurt a lot. I know your heart has n broken. But if I could open up and tell him he lied to work late all the time while it Lolita Mpegs decreased to a bookstore and sucking dirty Dick many like me, every weekend. Gene, I know I will never forgive me n and I do not know if I ever again his face. I just wanted to run alone! " " Where would you go, Joe? " " Nowhere. I have no where to go. I can not anywhere, you think, s far enough away ! "Said Joe, beginning to mourn. " There is a place... "He continued. " Where is it? "Alex asked. " Do you know... "body Alex everything froze. He had made ​​a suicide intervention received Dr. Hughes, but this is the first time had to use it. Alex had to find out if Joe had already committed the crime and wait for death, or if you just looked at him and wanted Alex to stop him, ot understand when Alex was too late. Alex tries to relax and not alarmed as much as he does. " Joe... you think you hurt yourself or do you have to... has done something to tell me? " N There was a long pause, while Alex was on the green button button and have someone trace the call... If it is too late. " Not yet," he said at last... "But I 'm thinking about it ? " " Do you have something with you that you could be affected by" " Yes " "What? " N "Everything. I can go my route selection. " " Like what? " " I... uh... sitting next to my bed with my father's gun... I has a razor... and I have a bottle of sleeping pills mom. n What do you think I should use? " " that's why you called me?... to make the decision for you? "Alex request. Lolita Mpegs " Maybe. " N "I have said Iuld help... But I 'm not going to help do that. " " do not try to change your mind! You can not! "There Alex to make a decision... Press the green button... Notify Police EMS... the signal or patch the call through the father Cliff -line in your home. Alex did not want his duties, but did not want to lose the first bridge to be. it is likely that if the police arrived in time to stop him, take him to jail. EMS holds it and pop with Haldol with him for the next crisis center or mental received the hospital. in any way, should be from time to time n at home in a few days and probably try the same thing again. Only next time, could not call a the center and his deadly plan success. Alex was best when the father Cliff monitors the call and took care of his speech. Alex called the is the number patched in the center. while you click on your computer, so you sort your problem and receive e- Cliff in the caseI needed help. It only took a few minutes when Alex saw Cliff on- line. "Alex, are you ? " Read the IM. "I'm here. This is Cliff. Need help ? " The keyboard has been manipulated on my computer, so Alex can write total silence. He kept talking about Joe, as he describes briefly what will Cliff Father. Alex was heard at the same time, Joe. " Joe, would you mind answering a personal question? " Alex continued. " Forward," Joe said, "You know, I have all the secrets... what is your question? " " Joe, you're gay or just a fucking room back? "Alex could imagine the reaction when Cliff Father spoke so openly with Joe. "What is the difference? " Joe asked. " A lot," said Alex. " Have you ever had feelings care or is a man? You know, someone other than a few hidden face in the Dark an adult bookstore ? " " No," replied him. " Then I guess they are not really gay, then? " "Why do you say that ? " " Becauseis a big difference between being gay, you know where is the person who is having sex. You know your name, your face, your preferences n and dislikes. You know when you're happy or sad. You know when your birthday n. You think of what you want to buy him for Christmas. One thinks of him in the course of the day... Where do you want to take him to dinner... The movie you 'd like to see. You know that if you feel you are sick or cranky, does not care and wants to know if you can help. after a time , you begin to consider how much you care for others. is or could live together as a couple... to share the good and bad together... not only... together. You know when you're in love with him, and if he is in love with you. They go to bed every night, not only to sex, but to keep warm and embracing and kissing and hugging each other. A then the time and if you decide to have sex, you know exactly the right thing to please God. He knows what turns you on and makes everythING sex perfect for you... Joe, do you have any idea what I'm talking about? "N " I think so... no, that's not true. I know what you're talking more. "He replied. " Have you ever thought about how to go about meeting such a person and would like you to meet him? Think, " " I used all the time... knowing that I think that men more than girls... But I also knew I could never get a child to my mother knows. I would have locked in a room Psycho. I mean, n will tell you that last night with the sausage and everything. " Alex knew that comment would have confused father, Cliff, but somehow understand Alex knew Cliff. " Have you ever thought of extraction conditions life on your own? " " Sure, but then, what if the mother I left? " " What is now, if you have something to do how to be a firearm ot a razor blade. Are you going to her made ​​her believe that her death had left s her fault... that led to the abolition of himself? is that what we're trying to do... make a bad conscience, it the rest of their lives? " " No... " " Then tell me why you have these ideas in your head! "N " I do not know. " " Joe, you really do not want to kill themselves, right? Therefore, She called me, right? " " Maybe I'm not sure. " " They opened me if he thought I was a jerk, and is not it? She asked me how I was able to suck cocks and live. I am Sorry, Joe, I said I would not lie to you, but I do. " " Are you telling me that sucking cock, is not it ? " " No, I... But I'm not a bastard... I'm gay. You are trying to do what... show the difference. " " Then I will not say I'm gay? " " No, you can... But you do not know how to be gay. Go to out and meet guys... how they dress. Find those that are of interest n in you and you have to offer... and something that has to offer... Believe me. "N " I love you. " ", parties, gay bars, clubs, the Gofull of guys just as yourself.. waiting to meet someone. Then you can go on dates to the to find the right one. It's out there somewhere, but do not push back spaces a bookstore with his cock through a glory hole ! Would you believe , a group of homosexuals in the church I attend? " " Are you kidding ? " " No.. " " What is a kind of devil worship ? " " No, we are Christians. I have someone very close to me, the gay, , and is to be a minister. " ", and his church has not condemned? " " No, why should I? He is one of the creatures of God as any else. He did not choose to be gay... I can not, in this case. it is the way they were born. Some people with blond hair, blue eyes, was born others are born with dark hair and green eyes. We do not decide to be, African- American, Chinese, Indians, Native Americans... that's before we decided to comes from the womb of our mother... I think a man is born gay. " " Really? " " With all my heart... I am a was a path. It may be that the mother can not accept that you are gay... But then that is their problem. She brought you into this world and her turn to decide, I love you as you are, not how they want to be. No matter how hard you try, you can change the color of your skin and can not be changed, such as God, even if you're gay. " " I honestly believe it is God who has gay? " " Only if I choose to believe in God. " " Why I've never heard of these things before? "Asked Joe. " does not matter. The main thing you hear at the end that... and almost waited too late to hear them. " " You have... I gave... You have mixed to think... " " Well, I wanted... Now I can ask if you still want to use gun or a knife? " " I... I do not want... But what happens if I meet someone or not ? " " Trust me... you want. " " genes? " " Yes ? " " My real name is Matt... Matthew Short. " For the first time since he had called Alex relax. no What gave you the courage to say what he did to " Joe", he said... perhaps Alex because he was an angel heard in conversation. It s looking at the screen to see a post written by Cliff. "Good work, Alex, you just put a star in your crown. " Alex just wanted to scream, relieve your stress, but now that he is trusted by Matt, I had to say Matt where to go for help... not only professional help, but emotionally the help of someone she could trust. Alex did not mention San Ginés Church with him, because Matt Alex was thinking maybe some religious radicals n tried to convert. Alex did not want to become a fan, as he had done back to God when his mother died. Walter had been a "priest -to-be " Alex and his family would be the second. " Matt, because the rules where I work, I have no right to do with you... but I, or one of my best friends are here in the middle 24 hours day. We are for any time theyTo call, or talk. " " Thank you, Gene. You have... sorta opened my eyes... I have to do things differently. How I can thank you?... I think... You saved my life. " " I do not think that saved my life, although I appreciate your Lolita Mpegs words n is... No, I think that saved his own life, if you took your phone and select this issue. I am the one who happened to be answered. " " Do you have the time to give me the names of some of these clubs, o groups you mentioned? " " Matt, I have from today to seven in the morning and if not for which until then the man will take the next turn, when I leave. " Matt spoke for an hour with Alex. The two were interrupted times by other callers, but their problems are very low compared to what Alex just happened to Matt. you learn with experience and a the things that Alex had learned, was that another person was needed in the staff for all layers, starting tomorrow. the leaves were in thand early fall... be Green try using the last drop of chlorophyll in their veins. even that was yellow, then red and finally turn brown, I would die, and are the parent branch. Human body, when dead, so that place as in the wings to expand and seek God, not so with the plants and the trees. Die without knowing that sprout in a few months a new life, where they once were. People had to ensure, as if disappeared. Walter was sitting on the largest of its new series of offices, to the window at the leaves. His life would be complete if only his wife lived. He had two children very well that everyone could be proud of. He had a new conclave of friends who loved him. His company had grown all expectations. Thanks to his leadership of Roger Walter investments was a multi -millionaire. There was one missing piece of his picture... Bruce. Walter had the pleasure of change Jeff. Alex also had accept the sincerity of Jeff,now. And as for Alex, Walter had always proud of it. With the exception of Alex 's suicide attempt, which never Lolita Mpegs had a problem none of his father. Walter was already the controlling interest of the right business. Growing a single company ( with a partner who had died ), Walters company now consisted of twelve full-time equivalents practicing lawyers that covers everything from family to corporate law. He thought junction and decided to interview several lawyers involved problems handle civil and responsibility. Sarah, secretary of 20 years Walter held several candidates to join him. He was not impressed by the first two... is not too heavy relative sense of customer service. The second, Walter was because of their priority list, which he calls "the dismissal the law is the law" and there is never an excuse to double is a bit more to the needs of customers. Next was David Royer, well dressed, well spoken graduate of Vanderbilt Law SchoolHe was a married man without children, about 35 to 38 years of age. It was built as a result, observed, or , since their diet works or several times a week... looks nice, but n is not very nice. There was a strong voice, without a trace of accent background. On the surface, was that David Walter looked as if he could fill the bill when it was looking for. " I can ask how you heard about my chance to work? " Walter began. " Yeah, I heard indirectly through a mutual friend," said David. " Oh, who? " N " I think you are a client of a hospital under construction Briarwood. " N " I could. " n " His name is Roger. " " And Roger is the mutual friend who you were related ? " " Yes " " I can asked how she knows. " " We are roommates in college. Roger had been in the pre- ministerial meeting and I in pre -law. "said David. " Then, of course, you should know, Cliff, too. " N " I have only heard of him... I never met him. In fact, Cliff was Roger talked about seeing each moment that. At the end of the our first year, I was a personal friend of Cliff. " " How well do you know Roger? I think sometimes men can live a more than four years of college and graduate without much as well as knowledge of the other names. " " Are you asking if I slept with him? " " No, that's not my business. "Walter said, looking at David back " This is what it means... and the answer is "NO". I have sleep with him. I knew of her relationship with Cliff, as children, , but Roger knew of my relationship with Viviana, the girl I married. " " Oh, I understand. Lolita Mpegs "Walter said, worried. " Now we business. Tell me about yourself... Their likes, dislikes, how you feel about the n trying one on one with customers... and customers can not pay their fee... Customers who know they are not innocent, but is willing to give them best, no matter what. " For the next 10 minutes David said without stopping on the way he Lolita Mpegs loved n using the law for their clients. Expressed a genuine concern for people, especially those Lolita Mpegs falsely accused and convicted or tried the form of rumors and the media painted loveless innocent guilty. Walter sat in his chair and listened. When not known he'd've better than David was to provide a Cliff sermons. The And David said, the Walter wanted to add your business. When David finished his pitch, Walter smiled and said, "Amen. ". that s were laughing over David, instead of preaching about details own. ". I am a very happy man with a very happy company " began Walter says.. "I have two children and are happy, and they make me happy, friends, my s partners, we are happy to work in a fun and environment, even if things do not seem to be happy, find a way they are doing. Hear what I say, what is your response? " " you mean I 'm happy? " " Yes " \\ \\ n " not at all. " " Oh, and why did not you tell? " n "IRather not say. " " If you came to work at this company, I could do anything happiest of his life... I mean, what do you need ? Security ? A big salary ? Great benefits ?... What? "Walter pressed. " Mr. Clayton, I am currently going through a transition quite difficult in my personal life. " " You are with relationship problems ? " " Indirectly. Say you have relationship problems, but my wife is not. " " I am interested in your response. I want you to go and explain, but I 'm afraid I hurt a lot in his personal life... and in an interview that could be sued for that, you know. " Walter looked at his life, then back to David. " Does Roger know about the things you mean? " " No, I have not seen or talked to Roger, since it came to Briarwood. " ", then maybe you should see him or see him and Cliff and see if you can with a solution. I'll be honest with you. Have been impressed me in the few minutes we've beentogether. I want you to Consider me and my company, but do not know the severity of their problems. I doubt, know that you will overcome your dilemma. " " If I work for you, and remember wine, I said, 'yes', that s some things I feel I must share with you... Things are a little the inner nature, which have a slight impact on the offers I position. " " Do you want to share it with me now? " " Maybe. It could also let me see how some of the reactions stuff I'm talking about. " " Try Me. "Walter questioned. " I'm not so familiar with Briarwood... its people... their manners. " " Go ahead. " " I know that each client can not represent the suffering of his views on guilt or innocence or character of the rules n always apply to his colleagues. " " Do you mean he has been convicted of a crime? " " There is nothing so complete. "David said. " Well, I'm n and say Lolita Mpegs it! Do you harbor bad feelings toward a person, the mRIGHT Gay? " Walter was so relieved when he heard this, he was about to mourn. "My God, no. You should know that n of the way I talked over Roger and Cliff. Why are two of my closest friends. " " Then you have "n " no problem with me, if I were gay? Probably not. " " I know I could talk to prematurely... but not sure you know watch gay. I feel I can be. " " Since you have opened a Pandora's box or the closet door, so to speak, , you can tell if you have ever had a homosexual experience ? " " Never. I think you want. " " No sex with a man you want to delete ? Even as a teenager? " " No, not even then. " " Then I may ask, " Why now ?" I assumed when I said that marital status and your problem is not your wife that she is not aware of that went something like this ? " " Not one word... and I feel so guilty, betrayed by my n thoughts. I'm sure you know something. We do not have sex the way that we have when we married seven years ago... don't laugh! I knows... "The Seven Year Itch". I thought about it. I know that I can say seems strange. You are happily married with two children. " " I am a widower. 'S Walter said. " Oh, sorry, forgive me. " " Nothing happened. " Walter said. ", so I know it would be impossible for a heterosexual man who understand what I'm going. I have no logical explanation for this n. I" N "You know, when you start with these feelings? " " Sure, I can locate almost a minute... the day I met Roger in college. I looked at him and wanted to be his clone. I vi days the night as a symbol or something that I was sent to watch and pattern themselves after. I knew he liked children, and because he thought it , which was my interest in girls, he ignored me as a sexual object. that rarely discussed any kind of sex. I am ashamed to say this, but sometimes when he moves and... out completely... with him and I in our rooI would like a meter erection like no woman ever gave me. I would not let him know, because I did not understand Why is this happening to me. He was a kid and I.. and boys does not look thrilled her roommate naked. I want to hear something funny? I do not even know what you do together when they are in the bed. I tried to imagine, but I have no idea. "N " You know some of the same things, make men and women. "Walter s said to David, surprise. " Do not look at me as if I am an expert. I am a over years and have always been my opinion as openly as you have, , perhaps, and I learned little by little. "Walter said shyly :" David, n from the interview is over... and has been for a few minutes to do mind if we talk to each other "man against man" only? forget Mr. "Clayton " formality and only "Walter and David" for a while. "N " I think I would. " David said. " For a moment, I would like you as a graph and describe what you want to do with aMan, if you had the chance... and, in turn, that I want, or to do with you ? " " Jesus, I do not know if I can speak frankly with you. He knew that only , that for about half an hour... and then you can my boss, and what is , who call themselves each day at the office... On page Page... and me, and opened my private sexual fantasies revealed for you. God that was a mouthful, I just said. " " I know what it meant. " Walter said. " I.. I think... you might want to know how it feels to have the penis of another man in hand to begin with. " " OK... Curiosity is a natural instinct. "Walter said. " I think I said that because I always wanted to play Roger, , but was never brave enough to try.... I can make a fool in front of about you? " " In no way, believe me... in any way. I think playing a little game for you. I try to make the core of their discontent. If being gay ot consent to be gay, so you can not be happy, thenI am willing to talk to you about... without conditions and without condemnation. I think the conversation between us is good and important. is Development of a trust or a bond between us. Do you know what "me " now ? " " Yes, I think. "N " I want another game to play with you, and if you get angry, that know me and stop me... I promise. "Said Walter. " Well, I trust you... or I have at least initially. "N " I suspect there are less than five years age difference between us. " " approximately. " "... which means that Roger, you and I are almost the same age, time. " " Yes " " Then tell me. If you apply for a job here, and we also meet in other circumstances... say in a restaurant, perhaps... only other meetings David, Walter... " " OK. " " You will be attracted to me? "N " I could... when you get to know you better. " " No, only in the first meeting... " " Lolita Mpegs You mean, like love at first sight? " " Yes, sort of. " " Yes, I think that attractiveTIVE, Walter. To be honest, I was n attracted to you at the moment I walked into the office... Now please do not kicking... They said they were playing a game. " " Nothing offended... Let's take a step further, if we can. If you are using to me the first time and found me attractive, as you said, to go to bed with me ? " " Gee, I do not know... Do you promise me not be mad s what I say as long as we play a game? " " I promise. " " So yes, I Lolita Mpegs love to go to bed with you. " " In her fantasies ever thought about kissing a man? " " Yes, " " I do not mean to reject the idea, or off ? " not at all ". " " Then you want to kiss me ? "Walter finally asked him what s has been in the race. " You mean, here and now?... Yes, " Lolita Mpegs " Then you do if you want... to see what it is. " Face David broke into a cold sweat. Feel free to do what might happen after that... at one time, its entire life can bechanged, and he was afraid. Slowly bowed to Walter gently to his lips. David let out a deep sigh of of relief. His fear was gone. At the moment I had dreamed, fantasized above him and the feeling was even more wonderful than it would have imagined. He put his mouth to Walter for about fifteen seconds, although he was more like a culmination of eternity. David kept his eyes closed as she moved slowly and waited for Walter to speak. "How was your first kiss?" Asked Walter, brought David reality. " I do not think I put it into words... but it was all that is expected and more. " "Open your eyes and look at mine. " Said Walter and David are observed. "How do you feel? I mean, have any guilt ? Are you furious? Do you want to haul off and threw me on the floor? " " No, none of this. I am a little embarrassing... maybe as a child , as a child first kiss. This is a rather unique feeling for a man of my age. " " I 'm embarrassed, because you have done or are embarrassed n , because it was I who gave him a kiss? " " I think the latter. Not for you, Walter, but because You're Mr. Clayton, my potential employers. Well, let me ask you... as feel, after he kissed me ? " " Whenever we have to be honest, I wanted to take in my arms and kiss you when I walked through the door. " " My God, Walter, who is confessing to me that you're gay? " " For years and years. " " My God, and I was so afraid of saying what he said. " " makes the difference for you I'm gay... It is discriminate, no? " " What do you think ? " " back to reality for a second. " " OK. " " I know what I wanted to have done a bit too far. We the limits of employer and employee. We risk our relationship with us with feelings and desires. Do you really think we can work together and Lolita Mpegs maintain a kind of friendship? that s would not be physically... I violated no law fixing the books this afternoon and left me open for you to sue me, and until I know, what you think or feel, I will not be able to rest. I'm going to expect a court order every time someone opens the door. " " Walter... Mr. Clayton... Please relax, I have no intention to sue to. I think I could do what we did as a lever to hire me. ? " " You mean, like extortion ? " " Hell, no.. none of that. I want to know better... in more ways than one, if you understand. You know, Mr. Clayton, I think it would be very happy with you. It could even nights we have to work late... very late. Might even have to go out of town, along n in business. Is that possible? " Walter smiled... " Most likely, probable. "N " I want to know, " said David, looking for content. " I dare not ask, but what about your wife? " " Do not worry, I loveto violate their own... and I think she loves to enough to me to be happy. " " Then you accept my offer and work? We have not even talked about salary or benefits. " " If Roger can be trusted with its tens of millions of people, I think I can trust you to be fair. " " Then I can say, " Welcome aboard " " Not yet, will not officially work for you n till I kiss you again.. ' S do " Come. " This time, David ran into the arms of Walter. He was not surprised or did not resist when Walter slid his tongue into the mouth of David. On Sunday following in the church, said Cliff in "Love, after the honeymoon over. "Somehow the message goes to all members of the community if they say that a piece of paper to be married officer. After the final:"Hallelujah ' s Cliff went to the door goodbye to all his beloved brothers. Cliff was delighted to see Walter Therefore, His constant presence. Hello Cliff introduced Walter timess new law s partner and his wife, Vivien and David Royer. Behind them was my upbringing children, Alex and Ted, Ryan and Kyle, Jay and Troy, Jeremy, followed by a radiant face. " Good morning, father, Cliff. " Said Jeremy. " Good morning, Jeremy. It's always good to see you and see that so happy, I might add. " I told him. " Father, I love you, I have a friend this week at the Club Fair Search. His name is Matt. " " Good morning, Matt, and welcome!. I hope I had a good time the church this morning, and I hope you and Jeremy to see on Sunday. " Thank you, Father. "Matt said. " And do not worry. I think it's going to to see that many of us... together. " Cliff just heard Matt's voice called Alex had recognized Matt patch Cliff telephone line that fateful night. Cliff but s now. Cliff was surprised by how things But sometimes... then why should we be surprised ? is not it always? n (To be continued in " BriarwoBriarwood Lost n " - od" Book Three "- Chapter - 32) Ritchris Copyright 2005.
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